New to travelling? Feeling ambitious, anxious, excited?
If you’re just starting out then travelling can seem overwhelming.
That’s where Mills’ Miles comes in. Follow along to discover how easy travel can be and learn the best techniques to live your dream!

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To travel a million miles

Far from the British Isles

I’m Alex.
A graduate blogger sharing my travel tips and tricks.
If you’re new to travelling or maybe you just need some guidance.
Then roam this website to become immersed and inspired in our extraordinary world…

Discover the best places in the world to visit

Through personal photography I will immerse you into the depths of our planet. Capturing first-hand the cultural experiences that humanity has to offer.

Travel Adventures

Explore my latest destinations and the experiences they had to offer

Tips & tricks

Discover the tricks of the trade, travelling on the savviest budget


Learn how to flourish from life on the road & cope with everyday dilemmas

Explore my recent Travel Tales.

“When I get home I shall write a book about this place…
If I ever do get home.”

Alice in wonderland
Peak District
United Kingdom

Exploring Europe
From Paris to Rome.. Amsterdam to Berlin.. Budapest to Switzerland.. Come discover the countless cultures waiting to be explored.

Understand how to study and work in the land of flamenco and tapas as I take my next journey step into Spain.

Asia’s Adventures
Take a sneak peek into the heart of Delhi, discover the cure for a rotten belly!

Follow my preparation for South-East Asia.
Learn the tricks to master all the important nitty-gritty bits in a time where Covid-19 try’s to dampen our dreams.

Latest Updates

How to Get Paid to Travel the World

“Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.”

Dolly parton
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